Orange marmalade

imageimageHomemade orange marmalade is very easy to make, there are only a few rules to get the best result. There are recipe out there which really complicate lives. This one is a very easy peasy. Now many say that you can make good marmalade with only some kind of oranges like for example seville orange. What if on The day you decide to make the marmalade you don’t find seville orange? Or the kind of orange your recipe calls for. Does this mean that you won’t do it? According To me We can do marmalade with any kind of orange We have We can even mix half tangerine half orange. Just like here I am using kumquats and orange. To have a succesful rresult which Will last for a longer time you need to wash your jar in hot water then steralise in oven 120°c. It should be done when The marmalade is about To get ready so that when you fill it, it should still be quite hot. I am doing a small batch especially for beginners Who never prepare marmalade . Ive cut on sugar in this recipe but it still taste great, If you want To add more sugar you can.

Ingredients :
250grms kumquats
Juice of 7 oranges or 2 cups
150grms white sugar
If you like flavouring you can add vanilla, Orange or any essence you want.

1. Wash oranges and kumquats well
2. Cut kumquats into four and remove seeds
3. In one of The oranges remove the skin , The white layer underneath should be remove with a Sharp knife cut into fine strips.
4. Extract the juice of the oranges.
5. In a heavy bottom saucepan combine all Ingredients together and place in refrigerator for at least 4hours or overnight.
6. Remove the saucepan allow to come at room temperature and place over medium heat. Remember that marmalade should Cook slowly do not rush you will end up with a thick caramelised result. In the meantime steralise your jar and place à metal lid or a bowl in fridge.
7. Let cook for 20-30mins, when it starts to thicken turn on high stirring regularly let it comes a boil.The colour Will darken a bit.
8. Testing time. Pour a little bit on The cold lid run your finger through it to cut it apart. If the marmalade does not come together as shown in picture then It is ready. If it fill the gap then you must cook it again for 2-3mins reducing The heat. At this point If you keep on cooking without paying attention it Will burn.
9. Pour hot marmalade in steralise jar cover tightly . Flip the jar upside down.
10. Open only after 24hours. Serve with toast, you can also put in your barbecue sauce, brush over your grill meat. Serve with crumpets, crêpes etc.

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